Walpurgis Night Festival @the Loft SUN 6 May 2018

Walpurgis Night Galway 2017 presented by Hexen Haus

Walpurgis Night Festival VII Galway, Bank Holiday Weekend Sunday May 6th 2018 @the Loft

The Wandering Midget – traditional doom metal band hailing all the way from Lappeenranta in Finland are a profound oddity. Formed in 2005 and first gaining international cult following with ‘I Am the Gate’ compilation in 2007 followed by the excellent ‘Serpent Coven’ and ‘From the Meadows of Opium Dreams’ more recently. Their sound is for true fans of old school doom metal taking reference from Black Sabbath and fellow Fins Reverend Bizarre. Top class songwriting and great singing defines the band. Elements of Epic Metal, NWOBHM touches of seventies rock , and heavy doom riffing, satisfies any ear for heavy music.

Brigantia – Doom Metal (Tipperary)
Nomadic Rituals – Sludge/Doom Metal (Belfast)
Ten Ton Slug – Connemara Sludge Metal (Galway)
Owlcrusher – Blackened Doom/Sludge Metal (Belfast)
Venus Sleeps – Psychedelic Doom Metal (Dublin)
Okus – Punk Metal Crust Doom (Drogheda)
Badb – Hardcore (Dublin)
Molekh – Black/Death Metal – Avant-garde (Dublin)
Coroza – Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal (Cork)
Stonecarver – Drone/Doom Metal (Galway)
TOOMS – Stoner/Sludge/Punk (Limerick)


The Loft, Bar SEVEN (formerly Kelly’s upstairs)
5-7 Bridge Street,
Doors: 3PM
Admission Fee: 15 Euro
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Unblessed (Chile) @the Cellar – FRI 27 April 2018

“Black/Death Metal horde Unblessed is well respected acts in the Chilean underground extreme Metal scene due to their long back catalog thus far. Unblessed play a nasty, old-school blackened Death Metal consisting of a mixture of early Possessed and Severance yet they still sound pretty unique in their own twisted way. The use of unexpected, unorthodox tempo changes is Unblessed trademark. With the demonic vocals from third generation Irishman Paul Callahan and the merciless drum rolls of Carlos Ramírez creates a violent and murderous atmosphere.
Unblessed presented by Hexen Haus

Support comes from Limerick based TrenchKnife a technical death metal band on the rise, recently playing the Siege and supporting Destroyer 666, this have released their demo, but with member of Shardbourne and Three Hour Ceasefire in their ranks it should definitely be one to look out for.

Imrama another new Black/Thrash band from Limerick in the vein of Aura Noir are a throwback to the 80s, with their energetic live performance and stage presence they show real exciting promise for the future and hold a completely unique sound within the Irish metal scene.

Opening will be new Galway band Black Shuck, now former members of Negativ Result have put together this metallic juggernaut to inflict a black shuck on the nation.

Unblessed in Galway presented by Hexen Haus
Unblessed in Galway presented by Hexen Haus

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The Cellar Bar Galway,
Doors 8.30PM,
Entry: 6euro

Dog Tired // Ten Ton Slug // Stonecarver // Tired Light – March 31st

Dog Tired, Ten Ton Slug, Stonecarver, Tired Light, promoted by Hexen Haus

Dog Tired from Scotland are on their way to their first appearance at the heavy metal festival Siege Of Limerick and are stopping in Galway along the way. They play self-proclaimed southern groove metal that has elements of Pantera, late 90s era Sepultura/Soulfly, and Lamb Of God. Live, they are noted to get the crowd going as much as their Galway counterparts with whom they share a lot of similar elements musically. Ten Ton Slug need no introduction, Galway’s prime metal act playing far and wide on the local circuit and the UK for the past few years, the most recent outing being the “March of the Slug” UK tour earlier this month. They recently released their “Blood and Slime” EP and have been pushing it far and wide, and its worked, as the next dates are set to be Metal days festival in Slovenia and supporting no less than Black Label Society on 3 nights Irish leg of their European tour.

Opening will be Stonecarver a new Galway metal band playing an intriguing mix of blackened doom/death, with their extra-long songs and without any pause in their live shows. We have yet to hear recorded output from them but judging from their live performances will definitely be one to watch out for. Openers are Tired Light, another band new to the scene with a Neurosis/Tool sound, and have been upping their game live recently, supporting Ancients and Black Wizard.

Doors: €6

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: The Cellar

Organised ByHexen Haus

Originators of the Palm Desert Scene, Yawning Man to play Galway.

Yawning Man, who hail from the arid desert area of Southern California, have been playing, jamming, and recording since 1986, and are a highly influential band. Most of their fans and those heavily influenced by them consider them to be ‘the originators’ of the entire “Desert Rock” movement/genre.

Yawning Man presented by Hexen Haus

The aural experience that Yawning Man delivers on stage and through their recordings is like hearing a colorful kaleidoscope of polyphonic musical textures that is both graceful yet intense. Formed in the late 1980’s between lifelong friends Gary Arce, Mario Lalli, Alfredo Hernandez and Larry Lalli, they are recognized and acknowledged as a key piece in the early development of the “stoner rock” genre along with being pioneers of the Palm Desert, CA heavy music scene. While their more commercial contemporaries leaned toward heavy riffs and hardcore punk,
Yawning Man made themselves distinct with their favoring of reverb laced surf and psychedelic tones…the perfect blend of sound to encompass spacious atmosphere of the well documented “generator parties” of their area in the late 1980’s. It was at these gatherings where they earned their bones by enchanting spectators with their seemingly endless free form instrumental sessions, which echoed through the barren, rocky landscapes of the Coachella Valley and beyond. As time passed, their legend grew with notable names of the Palm Desert music scene paying homage to the
group through mention and praise, notably with Kyuss doing their own rendition of the Yawning Man track “Catamaran” on the …And The Circus Leaves Town release. It wouldn’t be well into the new millennium for any recordings to be made commercially available, only fueling their legend amongst the underground. Now with four full lengths available and a handful of EPs and splits, they have become an in-demand name worldwide with ten years of European tours along with treks across the North and South American continents (South America resulting in their latest release, Historical Graffiti). Festival appearances include Hellfest (FR), Azkena Fest (SP), Reverence Fest (SP) Desertfest London, Desertfest Berlin, Up in Smoke (DL), Psycho Las Vegas, and various others across Europe. The recent documentaries Lo Sound Desert and Desert Age give light on Yawning Man’s influential impact on underground rock music.

“…Yawning Man was the sickest desert band of all time. Oh, they’re the GREATEST band I’ve ever seen…”- Brant Bjork (2002)

“…Yawning Man has always been an “in the know” band for the heavy rock underground, far more influential globally than commercially successful…” (The Obelisk)

Support from Connemara metalers Ten Ton Slug
@Sally Longs
Doors: 9PM

Coscradh “Of Death And Delirium” EP launch @The Cellar Bar, FRI 8th December th.

Cascradh presented by Hesen Haus

Coscradh returning to Galway to launch well received EP “Of Death And Delirium” .

” …”Of Death and Delirium” already started off great with an ultra-underground, fiendish, made just-for-you aura, but ends ready to take the next step to a world of wondrous cacophony…” – CVLT Legion webzine.

Coscradh EP launch presented by Hexen Haus

Coscradh – (Black/Death metal) – release their new EP Nov 22nd on Invictus Productions.
Band is based in Dublin but split between Galway, Mayo, Belfast and Dublin

Zealot Cult – (Death metal for fans of obituary), hailing from Limerick, are one of Ireland’s premier death metal acts with ferociously tight playing an monstrous live performances. They released their first demo in 2010 and returned with an EP only last year but it’s considered one of Ireland’s best Death Metal releases to date. They will return shortly with a new album which has just been recorded.

Genuflection – A promising new band to the Galway scene with members from Them Martyrs, Vagrants, and Rites, playing echoed out vocalled , apocalyptic death-tinged doom. No releases as of yet but going into the studio soon.

Overbite – extremely noisy d-beat punk, with mentally deranged vocals and catchy riffing, have been causing a mess on many DIY stages across Ireland and the UK for a number of years at this stage are also founders of local punk label Reagent Records.

Luxury Mollusc – hypnotic scrap-metal powered noise, the best mollusc on the island at creating these harsh audial hellacious landscapes. It has been manifesting for the best part of10 years in different weird noise pockets around the country and continent.

The Cellar Bar,
Doors: 8.30PM
Entry: 5euro

Weed Priest and Ten Ton Slug double launch gig @the Cellar, THU 8th November 2017

One of the doom nights of the year with Weed Priest and Ten Ton Slug, Galway’s longest running and best doom/sludge launch album an EP, CDs and Vinyls on the same night.  

Weed Priest Consummate Darkness album launch presented by Hexen Haus

Galway scene veterans and initiators of Hexen Haus Promotions which gave wretched birth to the current metal scene in the city; Weed Priest unleash their strongest offering yet with the darkness of the first demo combined with the riffing of the latter releases. The band has changed ranks and influences over its existence but stayed true to its own sound, a blackened stoner doom with the unique bellows and expert composition of Lithuanian frontman Adomas Trakumas. The addition of an extra guitarist and new drummer in 2014 the band returned with newer technical riffing and a faster paced sludgier sound pairing with Astralnaut and Black Capricorn, very appropriate partners over 2 separate split releases. A change of direction but only leading up to what was yet to surface from the rejuvenated lineup. This new album returns to the darkness evoked in the earliest releases and yet combines it with their newer sound. It’s the sound of a band gelling into one giant dark stoned beast. Bass tone and riffing which forms the core pillar of the sound has been perfected by fellow Baltic tribesman and band founder Ragas Raguckas. Inhumane backing vocals fitting ferociously into the mix by Connemara man Séan Sullivan combined with with talented technical riffing, and fellow Ten Ton Slug brother in arms Michéal Sullivan puts his own stamp on the release, pounding skins to match the hammers from hell of releases past.

Ten Ton Slug are also launching their most promising release to date. After honing their sound over the last three outputs and playing HUGE gigs, some of which were  supporting Crowbar on their Irish leg of their European tour, playing the main stage of the Siege and the new blood stage of Bloodstock in England, they have now solidly found their sound and set to offer up their best yet. The wealth of experience under the hood of Ten Ton Slug was born out of their sheer determination as a band over the last 3-4 years, and it really shows on this new EP not to mention on the stage, where this is most prevalent. Their uncompromising and energetic performances are what drives this band to surpass most of their peers and longer running Irish bands of a similar like. The Guitarwork and tone are expertly crafted by Lead Guitarist and backing Vocalist Séan, brother and co-founder Michéal on the kit.  Energy and slaughter provided by wildman Ronán liberated from his guitar position in professional outfit Na Cruithne where he has gained the experience and confidence from international stages and now finds himself as the commanding frontman of Ten Ton Slug. Bassist and energetic live madman Eoghan Wayne completes the fold with former and occasional member Adomas from Weed Priest making an odd obscure appearance.

With members of Rites, Vagrants and Them Martyrs, Genuflection couldn’t be a more appropriate support slot with their echoed out apocalyptic death-tinged stoner doom, elements which provide for a very promising band to look out for in the future. Stonecarver have already impressed at their first few gigs. Their cleanly sung and sludge growled dual-vocals along with stoner doom riffing certainly offer a unique doom experience. Ruairi O’Baoighill sets the tone for the night opening with evil, hooded, ritualistic, dark ambient.

@The Cellar Bar
Doors: €5
Time: 8.30PM

Overoth @the Cellar SAT 28th October 2017

Saturday, October 28th Galway will be shaken by sheer power in form of Metal music from the Cellar bar downstairs, Hexen Haus is bringing death metal mongers Overoth back, to launch their album “The Forgotten Tome”.
Overoth in Galway presented by Hexen Haus
Overoth are a Death Metal Band hailing from Belfast. They formed in late 2005 with a raw passion for no frills Death Metal. The band have been wreaking havoc across the Ireland, UK and Europe scenes since the release of their first demo ‘Pathway To Demise’ and as the focal point of the band’s existence, Overoth’s tight, energetic and exciting live performances have gained them the quick respect of the many bands they have shared the stage with including Bolt Thrower, Unleashed, Massacre, Napalm Death, Obituary, Rotting Christ, Sodom and Possessed. This will be a release show for their new album and a warm up for their performance at the next Siege of Limerick.
Touring partners Shadow’s Far are a melodic thrash metal band from Switzerland. Check out their albums Eleven Sins and As Black Turns Red.
Opening the night will be doomsters Genuflection, a promising new band from Galway with an emphasis on a very heavy tone, playing in a style resembling a darker version of Sleep, the kings of the stoner doom metal genre.

The Cellar Bar
28th October 2017
Time: 8pm
Door: €5

The Crawling @Sally Longs SAT 23 September 2017

The Crawling headline in biker haunt Sally Longs, on Saturday 23rd of September bringing their minimalist, death influenced doom metal to the city. The band has been well received locally after releasing the In Light of Dark Days EP and Anatomy of Loss album to a positive reception, playing the Siege of Limerick, winning the Metal2TheMasses compitition last year. They have also gotten attention on foreign shores while playing at Bloodstock festival in the UK, and also landing a slot at esteemed Inferno festival in Norway which is well documented in a bio on metalireland.com.
the Crawling presented by Hexen Haus
Ten Ton Slug need no introduction at this stage, noted for their energetic and heavy gigs far and wide in on the local circuit and the UK for the past few years, the most recent outing being the Emerald Haze festival earlier this month which by all accounts was a date not to be missed. They just released their Live at the Siege EP and are current recording a new release which from their live form, is shaping up to be superior to their already highly-rated previous releases. Opening will be Stonecarver a new Galway metal band to the scene but playing an intriguing mix of blackened doom/death, with their extra-long songs and without any pause in their live shows. We have yet to hear recorded output from them but judging from their live performances will definitely be one to watch out for.

Sally Longs
23rd Sep 2017
Door: 8pm
FREE Entry

Funeral Horse (Texas, USA) @Sally Longs, Galway SEP 1, 2017

Funeral Horse in Galway presented by Hexen Haus

Hexen Haus promotions presents:
– all the way from Texas, USA – Funeral Horse.
This is the only opportunity to witness unique brand of vintage metal that firmly embraces old school Texas blues with unfiltered noise and heavy fuzz rock.
Support from Tipperary’s doom merchants – Brigantia and Kerry’s sludge metalers – Slung From A Tree

Friday 1st September
Sally Longs
Doors: 8pm