Dark Arts Fest 2015

2015 07 18

Dark Arts Fest in Cellar on Saturday 18th of July To fill in the niche not yet covered by Galway International Arts Festival. and to accommodate the fans of darker and heavier side of art – On Saturday, July the 18th HexenHaus Productions brings the finest Irish extreme music acts to Cellar Bar downstairs in the form of Dark Arts Fest. All day event will consist of 3 parts: Record Fair, Dark Ambient/ Noise stage and Heavy Metal stage. Dark Arts starts at 11am with Record Fair for all kind of music lovers with big selection of famous and rare Vinyls and CD’s. At 6pm the event will continue with Dark Ambient / Noise experience enhanced with original visual projections. Four underground artists will be performing:
Luxury Mollusc (Dublin),
Harsh Discipline (Dublin),
Ohdaith (Drogheda)
Ruairi O’Baoighill (Galway).
At 9pm heavy metal mayhem will start headlined by the famous Belfast death metal act – Overoth. Overoth have been around for 10 years now, they have released a demo “Pathway To Demise” (2006), an EP “Death Personified” (2007) and a full length album “Kingdom Of Shadows (2010) and have played gigs in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe with the likes of Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Obituary, Sodom and many more. According to Metal Rules website, “their brand of no frills, in-your-face death metal is full of twists and turns, technical innovation, and bone- crunching riffage”.
5 more metal acts will also be performing on the night:
Nomadic Rituals – sonic terrorist sludge metal masters from Belfast,
Brigantia (Tipperary) – an undoubtedly finest act for Black Sabbath and Pentagram lovers,
Zylum (Tipperary) – who play their own mix of industrial and doom metal,
Unyielding Love – a very well received fresh metal act from Belfast,
Weed Priest – local purveyors of stoner doom metal.
Record Fair: 11pm,
Dark Ambient/Noise – 6pm,
Heavy Metal – 9pm. Late Bar.

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