Unyielding Love to play Galway

Two acts from UK will co-headline a metal night in Cellar on Saturday the 21st of November. 2015 11 21 Unyielding Love from Belfast are relatively new to the scene (formed last year) but already drawing attention of metal fans with their demo and explosive stage presence. Having been influenced by broad scope of genres – black metal, death metal, hardcore, sludge, drone, industrial, etc. – the band play their own take on raw grindcore, hardcore and noise. Lyrically Unyielding Love songs express their personal struggles, existential anxieties, dissatisfaction and frustration with life./span>

Knifedoutofexistence (Bournemouth, England) is a one man project – Dean Lloyd Robinson-Saunders (ex-Witchcult, current Swallowing) creates a menacing brew of ambient drones, sinister, whispered/mumbled vocals and harsh noise. Knifedoutofexistence exists since 2012, have played many gigs and released several records.

Also performing on the night: Okus (crust/punk/doom from Drogheda), Coscradh (black/death from Belfast/Dublin/Dundalk) and Overbite (hardcore from Galway). Galway Advertiser