Hexmas Bash 2015 @ The Cellar

2015 12 12 HexenHaus Promotions are organizing their last gig this year – Hexmas Bash – which will be co-headlined by Corr Mhóna and Thy Worshiper. Corr Mhóna are a West Cork metal band. Their music is a blend of different genres, with doom and death metal elements more prominent. Corr Mhóna sing entirely in the Irish language and use a combination of harsh and cleanly sung vocals. They are inspired by many different bands and musical styles, and always attempt to combine these influences to create something new. Formed in 2009, Corr Mhóna consists of two pairs of brothers. The band has played gigs in both Ireland and the U.K. with bands such as Mael Mórdha, The Wounded Kings, For Ruin, Sirocco, Old Corpse Road and Brigantia.Corr Mhóna released a debut e.p. in 2010 entitled ‘Corrguíneacht’. After a hiatus (while some band members worked abroad), Corr Mhóna started gigging again, and began writing new material. This material has since come to fruition, in the form of their debut album ‘Dair’.(Oct 4th, 2014).
Thy Worshiper was started in 1993 in Wroclaw, Poland by Marcin Gasiorowski. In 1996 they released their first album ‘Popiol [Dust] (Introibo ad Altare Dei)’. The music was an innovatory mix of black metal and eastern European folk/traditional melodies served with a nostalgic twist. The album has won critical acclaim and achieved a cult status in the Polish underground metal scene. The band went through a few years of hiatus and then returned in 2005 with a demo and a year later released a new album called ‘Signum’. The new album kept Thy Worshiper’s spirit but frequent use of blast beats, double kicks and high tempos made it much heavier than its predecessor. Shortly after Gasiorowski left Poland and settled in Dublin, Ireland. In 2009 Thy Worshiper was recreated once again. The new material follows Thy Worshiper’s signature concept of mixing metal with folk/traditional melodies and interweaving heavy parts with slower acoustic moments. Since their first album Thy Worshiper has been using Polish as it is the language most suited to the pagan sounds of Central and Eastern Europe.
Since 2010 the band been actively gigging in Ireland and Europe and has released full length album Carna Dzika Czerwien [Black, Savage, Red] (Feb, 2014) and MLP – Ozimina [Winter Corn] (Sep, 2015). Also performing on the night will be Zylum (industrial/black metal, Nenagh, Tipperary), Psychopigs (hardcore/metal, Galway) and Ten Ton Slug (groove/sludge metal, Galway). Galway Advertiser