The Crawling @Sally Longs SAT 23 September 2017

The Crawling headline in biker haunt Sally Longs, on Saturday 23rd of September bringing their minimalist, death influenced doom metal to the city. The band has been well received locally after releasing the In Light of Dark Days EP and Anatomy of Loss album to a positive reception, playing the Siege of Limerick, winning the Metal2TheMasses compitition last year. They have also gotten attention on foreign shores while playing at Bloodstock festival in the UK, and also landing a slot at esteemed Inferno festival in Norway which is well documented in a bio on
the Crawling presented by Hexen Haus
Ten Ton Slug need no introduction at this stage, noted for their energetic and heavy gigs far and wide in on the local circuit and the UK for the past few years, the most recent outing being the Emerald Haze festival earlier this month which by all accounts was a date not to be missed. They just released their Live at the Siege EP and are current recording a new release which from their live form, is shaping up to be superior to their already highly-rated previous releases. Opening will be Stonecarver a new Galway metal band to the scene but playing an intriguing mix of blackened doom/death, with their extra-long songs and without any pause in their live shows. We have yet to hear recorded output from them but judging from their live performances will definitely be one to watch out for.

Sally Longs
23rd Sep 2017
Door: 8pm
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