Weed Priest and Ten Ton Slug double launch gig @the Cellar, THU 8th November 2017

One of the doom nights of the year with Weed Priest and Ten Ton Slug, Galway’s longest running and best doom/sludge launch album an EP, CDs and Vinyls on the same night.  

Weed Priest Consummate Darkness album launch presented by Hexen Haus

Galway scene veterans and initiators of Hexen Haus Promotions which gave wretched birth to the current metal scene in the city; Weed Priest unleash their strongest offering yet with the darkness of the first demo combined with the riffing of the latter releases. The band has changed ranks and influences over its existence but stayed true to its own sound, a blackened stoner doom with the unique bellows and expert composition of Lithuanian frontman Adomas Trakumas. The addition of an extra guitarist and new drummer in 2014 the band returned with newer technical riffing and a faster paced sludgier sound pairing with Astralnaut and Black Capricorn, very appropriate partners over 2 separate split releases. A change of direction but only leading up to what was yet to surface from the rejuvenated lineup. This new album returns to the darkness evoked in the earliest releases and yet combines it with their newer sound. It’s the sound of a band gelling into one giant dark stoned beast. Bass tone and riffing which forms the core pillar of the sound has been perfected by fellow Baltic tribesman and band founder Ragas Raguckas. Inhumane backing vocals fitting ferociously into the mix by Connemara man Séan Sullivan combined with with talented technical riffing, and fellow Ten Ton Slug brother in arms Michéal Sullivan puts his own stamp on the release, pounding skins to match the hammers from hell of releases past.

Ten Ton Slug are also launching their most promising release to date. After honing their sound over the last three outputs and playing HUGE gigs, some of which were  supporting Crowbar on their Irish leg of their European tour, playing the main stage of the Siege and the new blood stage of Bloodstock in England, they have now solidly found their sound and set to offer up their best yet. The wealth of experience under the hood of Ten Ton Slug was born out of their sheer determination as a band over the last 3-4 years, and it really shows on this new EP not to mention on the stage, where this is most prevalent. Their uncompromising and energetic performances are what drives this band to surpass most of their peers and longer running Irish bands of a similar like. The Guitarwork and tone are expertly crafted by Lead Guitarist and backing Vocalist Séan, brother and co-founder Michéal on the kit.  Energy and slaughter provided by wildman Ronán liberated from his guitar position in professional outfit Na Cruithne where he has gained the experience and confidence from international stages and now finds himself as the commanding frontman of Ten Ton Slug. Bassist and energetic live madman Eoghan Wayne completes the fold with former and occasional member Adomas from Weed Priest making an odd obscure appearance.

With members of Rites, Vagrants and Them Martyrs, Genuflection couldn’t be a more appropriate support slot with their echoed out apocalyptic death-tinged stoner doom, elements which provide for a very promising band to look out for in the future. Stonecarver have already impressed at their first few gigs. Their cleanly sung and sludge growled dual-vocals along with stoner doom riffing certainly offer a unique doom experience. Ruairi O’Baoighill sets the tone for the night opening with evil, hooded, ritualistic, dark ambient.

@The Cellar Bar
Doors: €5
Time: 8.30PM