Coscradh “Of Death And Delirium” EP launch @The Cellar Bar, FRI 8th December th.

Cascradh presented by Hesen Haus

Coscradh returning to Galway to launch well received EP “Of Death And Delirium” .

” …”Of Death and Delirium” already started off great with an ultra-underground, fiendish, made just-for-you aura, but ends ready to take the next step to a world of wondrous cacophony…” – CVLT Legion webzine.

Coscradh EP launch presented by Hexen Haus

Coscradh – (Black/Death metal) – release their new EP Nov 22nd on Invictus Productions.
Band is based in Dublin but split between Galway, Mayo, Belfast and Dublin

Zealot Cult – (Death metal for fans of obituary), hailing from Limerick, are one of Ireland’s premier death metal acts with ferociously tight playing an monstrous live performances. They released their first demo in 2010 and returned with an EP only last year but it’s considered one of Ireland’s best Death Metal releases to date. They will return shortly with a new album which has just been recorded.

Genuflection – A promising new band to the Galway scene with members from Them Martyrs, Vagrants, and Rites, playing echoed out vocalled , apocalyptic death-tinged doom. No releases as of yet but going into the studio soon.

Overbite – extremely noisy d-beat punk, with mentally deranged vocals and catchy riffing, have been causing a mess on many DIY stages across Ireland and the UK for a number of years at this stage are also founders of local punk label Reagent Records.

Luxury Mollusc – hypnotic scrap-metal powered noise, the best mollusc on the island at creating these harsh audial hellacious landscapes. It has been manifesting for the best part of10 years in different weird noise pockets around the country and continent.

The Cellar Bar,
Doors: 8.30PM
Entry: 5euro