Unblessed (Chile) @the Cellar – FRI 27 April 2018

“Black/Death Metal horde Unblessed is well respected acts in the Chilean underground extreme Metal scene due to their long back catalog thus far. Unblessed play a nasty, old-school blackened Death Metal consisting of a mixture of early Possessed and Severance yet they still sound pretty unique in their own twisted way. The use of unexpected, unorthodox tempo changes is Unblessed trademark. With the demonic vocals from third generation Irishman Paul Callahan and the merciless drum rolls of Carlos Ramírez creates a violent and murderous atmosphere.
Unblessed presented by Hexen Haus

Support comes from Limerick based TrenchKnife a technical death metal band on the rise, recently playing the Siege and supporting Destroyer 666, this have released their demo, but with member of Shardbourne and Three Hour Ceasefire in their ranks it should definitely be one to look out for.

Imrama another new Black/Thrash band from Limerick in the vein of Aura Noir are a throwback to the 80s, with their energetic live performance and stage presence they show real exciting promise for the future and hold a completely unique sound within the Irish metal scene.

Opening will be new Galway band Black Shuck, now former members of Negativ Result have put together this metallic juggernaut to inflict a black shuck on the nation.

Unblessed in Galway presented by Hexen Haus
Unblessed in Galway presented by Hexen Haus

Facebook event
The Cellar Bar Galway,
Doors 8.30PM,
Entry: 6euro