Galway Dark Arts Festival 2017 @the Loft, Galway AUG 19th, 2017

Galway Dark Arts Festival 2017 presented by Hexen Haus
Hexen Haus Promotions presents the third coming of Galway Dark Arts Festival. Which emerges with another ferocious lineup of Black and Death metal, Experimental, Dark Ambient and Noise to cater for those with a hunger for the darker arts, a scornful paradox in the Galway festive season. This year Hexen Haus bring forth bands and decrepit dark artists from all over the isle and across the channel. As well as the aim of further developing the metal scene in Galway by continuing this event annually, this year’s event attempts to build on the success and madness of last year’s edition which was noted as a very significant day in 2016’s Irish metal calendar because of the strength of the lineup and sheer enthusiasm and insanity of the fans from all over Ireland and some from further afield. This year the event focuses yet again on bringing the strongest lineup possible to the City of the Tribes inviting some of the the best on the island as well as the bizarre Inconsessus Lux Lucius from England.
‘Saturnian Black Magic’ is how Inconcessus Lux Lucius describe themselves. A Black metal band from Manchester, are headlining, with their infectious, ritualistic riffs, it’s Black Metal, with the energy of 80’s Heavy Metal and the grooves of 70s Hard Rock. Crux Luous Corona released in 2014 by  Invictus Productions is a fine example of this work, and on their darker earlier full length Disintegration. A band with a huge wealth of experience under their belt, their live shows are very powerful and a spectacle to witness.
From the Bogs of Augishka are a Dark Ambient / Noise outfit from Co.Clare, recently adding a guitar and vocals to the fold, their sound has evolved into a darker shade of black as of late. They have a sonic connection to this land more than any other ‘band’ on the island, finely displayed on songs such as ‘The Great Sea Stack at the Cliffs of Moher’ and the storytelling of ‘Aos Si’. The group have also gained a strong international following early in their existence after touring with Black Metal legends Ulver.
Apostate Viaticum hailing from Dublin with a killer live show, are no strangers to the Death Metal scene. They include veterans from one of Ireland’s better known Death Metal, Morphosis, with a career spanning from the 80s to the 00s. But Apostate Viaticum carve out their own sound, a raspy sounding vocal Sodom-esque delivery, formula’s era Morbid Angel riffing on their debut release Before the Gates of Gomorrah.
Label mates on Invictus Productions, Dublin based Black/Death Metal Coscradh with members from Dublin, Galway, Mayo and Belfast, have had to scour the island in search of musicians willing to play such vile savagery based on violent histories of the island, will return to Galway with a new lineup. Live show contains tracks from the yet to be released ‘Of Death and Delirium’ EP.
Two piece Black Metal band Krawwl, members from Malthusian and Altar of Plagues, play atmospheric black metal releasing their well received last EP in 2015 and this will be their first show in a couple of years.
Since their enthralling show in Sally Longs last year Unyielding Love have been working hard to promote their new, excellent album, ‘The Sweat of Augury’ by touring far and wide around Europe and have gotten signed to Sentient Ruin for their efforts. Their crazed and intense live shows feature a vast array of hardware, such as chains, power saws, countless effects pedals, sweat and blood.
GOURD a recent noise/doom project with members from On Pain Of Death and Wreck of the Hesperus are releasing a new split with Luxury Mollusc soon to be released by Cursed Monk Records. Live they sport a horror show of morbid visuals, hypnotic noise, vile shrieks and low end growling blackened doom.
Soothsayer released two highly rated black metal EPs, Self-Titled and ‘At this Great Depth’, in the last couple of years which got them signed to Translucent Obscurity Records. Their live show has recently been honed to perfection with a powerful live show in April at Walpurgis Night.
Phlaccid is a new three piece abstracted doom band from Dublin. Featuring members of some of the most punishing bands of the Irish underground such as Wreck of the Herperus, Siorai Geimhreadh, Drainland & Luxury Mollusc, the three came together to trawl the depths of the human experience with no regard for musicality or audience wellbeing.
The noise contingent is completed by Deathness Injection adding their weirdness to the fold with their horrifying noise and blackened screeching vocals, to fittingly act as the callers-in, for the next black stain on Galway’s artistic calendar, Galway Dark Arts Festival 2017.
Stalls of merch from bands will be available on the day as well as Under My Skin and In The Horrors artists also selling their dark wares.

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The Loft, Seven Bar, Galway
Doors: 3pm
Entry: €10

Walpurgis Night VI

Galway’s Doom Metal festival returns on the 29th-30th of April with the 6th incarnation of Walpurgis Night and its strongest lineup yet. This years event for the first time will be spread across two nights with a warm-up gig and record fair opening proceedings in the Cellar on Saturday the 29th of April, and the main event in the Loft on Sunday the 30th. Walpurgis Night VI consists of the old, the new and the heaviest… a history lesson while look to the future of the Doom Metal produced on this emerald island.

Walpurgis Night VI Galway presented by Hexen Haus

Headlining the event, and making an extremely rare live appearance is Graveyard Dirt. Formed back in 1994, inspired by the early Peaceville doom/death sound Graveyard Dirt have remained dormant in the live scene the past decade since supporting Primordial and Mourning Beloveth in 2008, which for anyone fortunate enough to be in attendance was a great performance. They have written some of the best Doom Metal this island has ever produced. Re-emerging from their hiatus with 2015’s 3 track EP, “My Scourge, My Plague ” is a master work of Doom as are their earlier essentials ‘‘Shadows of old Ghosts’’ and ‘’For Grace and Damnation’’. But Graveyard Dirt aren’t the only band making a very rare appearance.
Second-to-the headliners TOME resurface from the swamps of Belfast.. Since releasing their split with Nomadic Rituals in 2015 the band have only played twice live. Their possessed brand of eerie blackened doom, TOME really do suck the listener in with their dark murky void cantations, which is especially apparent on their excellent demo released by Into The Void Records back in 2012.
Cork’s Soothsayer, are a new black metal influenced Atmospheric Doom band, on top form after just releasing their second EP “At this Great Depth” which displays great depths in their songwriting ability.
One of the most exciting new Irish metal bands to form recently. Belfast heavies Owlcrusher return to Galway after a crushingly unhinged appearance at last year’s Dark Arts Fest. After developing a new found momentum the band are now finished recording their first proper release, which after gaining attention for visceral live performances it’s great to see them finally emerge from a studio. Until its release though, anyone interested to hear their brand of sludge metal can still find their unreleased ‘The Spoiler’ recording on youtube.
Genuflection, a new Doom Metal band from Galway with some very familiar faces from the city’s ever quietening hardcore punk scene. Genuflection arise from the ashes of ritualic Sludge Doom band Rites, a Galway favorite, who split back in 2013 with the release of Rites II. Genuflection is the heavier slower and more demented older brother of Rites which will be unveiled for the first time with their debut appearance at Walpurgis Night VI.
Sludge Groove merchants Ten Ton Slug need no introduction in Galway (or Ireland) at this stage. The band have risen very quickly in the scene with their energetic and tight live performances, and two well received releases. Its no secret that the band’s success is down to their relentless hard work which, quickly lead them to international appearances and landed them onto a packed New Blood Stage at Bloodstock last year, and after recently supporting Crowbar in Dublin and Belfast the band shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. On the night will also perform Belfasts So Much for the Sun, Weeping Ulcer from Dublin, Slung from a Tree from Clare and Galway’s Stonecarver

The Warm up lineup includes Tension Head and Between The Lines and 1 more yet to be announced.

Walpurgis Night – Sunday 30th April, the Loft 3pm – €10
Walpurgis Warmup Night – 29th April, the Cellar 5pm – €5
Walpurgis Record Fair – 29th April, the Cellar 11am to 2pm – FREE
2 Day pass – €13
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Walpurgis Night V

Walpurgis Night is May Day’s eve when witches meet and hold revels with their Gods. The night is the last chance for witches and their nefarious cohorts to stir up trouble before Spring reawakened the land.

To continue the ancient tradition Hexen Haus Promotions are organizing Walpurgis Night V music fest, upstairs at The Loft Venue, Bar Seven (formerly Kellys Bar) – Bridge Street, Galway, Sunday 1st of May with:

WILD ROCKET – Space Rock//Dublin
Venus Sleeps – Psychedelic Doom Metal//Dublin
Harvester (Ire) – Stoner Metal//Galway
Brigantia – Doom Metal//Tipperary
The Magnapinna – Alt-Rock, Metal//Cork
Between The Lines – Atmospheric Rock//Galway
No Mans Land – Doom Metal//Limerick

Walpurgis Night V in Galway presented by Hexen Haus

Doors: 6pm
Entry: 7€
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Hexmas Bash 2015 @ The Cellar

2015 12 12 HexenHaus Promotions are organizing their last gig this year – Hexmas Bash – which will be co-headlined by Corr Mhóna and Thy Worshiper. Corr Mhóna are a West Cork metal band. Their music is a blend of different genres, with doom and death metal elements more prominent. Corr Mhóna sing entirely in the Irish language and use a combination of harsh and cleanly sung vocals. They are inspired by many different bands and musical styles, and always attempt to combine these influences to create something new. Formed in 2009, Corr Mhóna consists of two pairs of brothers. The band has played gigs in both Ireland and the U.K. with bands such as Mael Mórdha, The Wounded Kings, For Ruin, Sirocco, Old Corpse Road and Brigantia.Corr Mhóna released a debut e.p. in 2010 entitled ‘Corrguíneacht’. After a hiatus (while some band members worked abroad), Corr Mhóna started gigging again, and began writing new material. This material has since come to fruition, in the form of their debut album ‘Dair’.(Oct 4th, 2014).
Thy Worshiper was started in 1993 in Wroclaw, Poland by Marcin Gasiorowski. In 1996 they released their first album ‘Popiol [Dust] (Introibo ad Altare Dei)’. The music was an innovatory mix of black metal and eastern European folk/traditional melodies served with a nostalgic twist. The album has won critical acclaim and achieved a cult status in the Polish underground metal scene. The band went through a few years of hiatus and then returned in 2005 with a demo and a year later released a new album called ‘Signum’. The new album kept Thy Worshiper’s spirit but frequent use of blast beats, double kicks and high tempos made it much heavier than its predecessor. Shortly after Gasiorowski left Poland and settled in Dublin, Ireland. In 2009 Thy Worshiper was recreated once again. The new material follows Thy Worshiper’s signature concept of mixing metal with folk/traditional melodies and interweaving heavy parts with slower acoustic moments. Since their first album Thy Worshiper has been using Polish as it is the language most suited to the pagan sounds of Central and Eastern Europe.
Since 2010 the band been actively gigging in Ireland and Europe and has released full length album Carna Dzika Czerwien [Black, Savage, Red] (Feb, 2014) and MLP – Ozimina [Winter Corn] (Sep, 2015). Also performing on the night will be Zylum (industrial/black metal, Nenagh, Tipperary), Psychopigs (hardcore/metal, Galway) and Ten Ton Slug (groove/sludge metal, Galway). Galway Advertiser

Unyielding Love to play Galway

Two acts from UK will co-headline a metal night in Cellar on Saturday the 21st of November. 2015 11 21 Unyielding Love from Belfast are relatively new to the scene (formed last year) but already drawing attention of metal fans with their demo and explosive stage presence. Having been influenced by broad scope of genres – black metal, death metal, hardcore, sludge, drone, industrial, etc. – the band play their own take on raw grindcore, hardcore and noise. Lyrically Unyielding Love songs express their personal struggles, existential anxieties, dissatisfaction and frustration with life./span>

Knifedoutofexistence (Bournemouth, England) is a one man project – Dean Lloyd Robinson-Saunders (ex-Witchcult, current Swallowing) creates a menacing brew of ambient drones, sinister, whispered/mumbled vocals and harsh noise. Knifedoutofexistence exists since 2012, have played many gigs and released several records.

Also performing on the night: Okus (crust/punk/doom from Drogheda), Coscradh (black/death from Belfast/Dublin/Dundalk) and Overbite (hardcore from Galway). Galway Advertiser

Night of doom metal @The Cellar

2015 10 23WITH HALLOWEEN almost upon us, how appropriate that music from rock’s dark side should make its presence felt in Galway through London based doom metal band Ossiyan.

Ossiyan will headline the Fuzzed Out Sessions, organised by HexenHaus Promotions, in The Cellar, Eglinton Street, tomorrow at 8.30pm. The band will play songs from its debut album, Hardrada, which showcases their mix of traditional stoner/doom riffs with mountain sized drums, and spoken verse, which takes inspiration, not only from heavy metal, but also classical texts, art, and ancient cultures – not suprising it was named after Harald Hardrada, the last of the great Viking monarchs. Chris Jennings of the Worship Metal website, called Hardrada “a triumphant exercise in crushing Doom…with hypnotically leaden riffs and coarse vocals.
Support is from Electric Taurus (Dublin ), No Mans Land (Limerick ), and Weed Priest (Galway)
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Space Rockers From Dublin to play @ The Cellar

WILD ROCKET, the Dublin space rock quartet whose improvisational, exploratory music has been compared to Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Queens of The Stone Age, will play The Cellar Bar on 18th of September. 2015 09 18 The band – Bres (drums ), Jon K (synth ), Moose (bass, vocals ), and Niallo (guitar ) – mix space rock, psychedelic fuzz rock, synth pop, post-punk, and heavy metal. The Sleeping Shaman webzine described their sound as “lurching along speedily in muscular fashion, letting the bruising guitar, bass and drum combo do all of the heavy lifting whilst those wonderful synths add pointillist looping melodies and cascades of echoing chirrups, making for a thoroughly thrilling wild ride.” The band themselves call their music “space metal and acid punk”. Their debut album, Geomagnetic Hallucinations, came out last year.

Support is from Galway bands Severian (black punk metal ) and Ten Ton Slug (sludge/groove metal ).

Dark Arts Fest 2015

2015 07 18

Dark Arts Fest in Cellar on Saturday 18th of July To fill in the niche not yet covered by Galway International Arts Festival. and to accommodate the fans of darker and heavier side of art – On Saturday, July the 18th HexenHaus Productions brings the finest Irish extreme music acts to Cellar Bar downstairs in the form of Dark Arts Fest. All day event will consist of 3 parts: Record Fair, Dark Ambient/ Noise stage and Heavy Metal stage. Dark Arts starts at 11am with Record Fair for all kind of music lovers with big selection of famous and rare Vinyls and CD’s. At 6pm the event will continue with Dark Ambient / Noise experience enhanced with original visual projections. Four underground artists will be performing:
Luxury Mollusc (Dublin),
Harsh Discipline (Dublin),
Ohdaith (Drogheda)
Ruairi O’Baoighill (Galway).
At 9pm heavy metal mayhem will start headlined by the famous Belfast death metal act – Overoth. Overoth have been around for 10 years now, they have released a demo “Pathway To Demise” (2006), an EP “Death Personified” (2007) and a full length album “Kingdom Of Shadows (2010) and have played gigs in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe with the likes of Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Obituary, Sodom and many more. According to Metal Rules website, “their brand of no frills, in-your-face death metal is full of twists and turns, technical innovation, and bone- crunching riffage”.
5 more metal acts will also be performing on the night:
Nomadic Rituals – sonic terrorist sludge metal masters from Belfast,
Brigantia (Tipperary) – an undoubtedly finest act for Black Sabbath and Pentagram lovers,
Zylum (Tipperary) – who play their own mix of industrial and doom metal,
Unyielding Love – a very well received fresh metal act from Belfast,
Weed Priest – local purveyors of stoner doom metal.
Record Fair: 11pm,
Dark Ambient/Noise – 6pm,
Heavy Metal – 9pm. Late Bar.

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Venus Sleeps – psychedelic doom metal @ The Cellar

VENUS SLEEPS, the Dublin psychedelic doom metal band will launch their new album Dead Sun Worship with a show in The Cellar Bar, Eglinton Street, this Saturday from 8.30pm.

2015 06 06

Venus Sleeps was founded by Sie Carrol in 2012 as a solo project, but the positive response to a demo recording he made convinced him to assemble a band, enlisting bassist Sean O’Connor (ex-Utopian Ruins, Petrochenical Accelerator ), drummer Fergal Malone, and second guitarist Steven Anderson (ex-Cruachan, Yurt ). They has since enjoyed comparisons to Electric Wizard, Hawkwind, Pentagram and Black Sabbath, and performed with Tribulation, Slomatics, Lecherous Gaze, Headless Kross, and Wizards of Firetop Mountain. Dead Sun Worship has been described by the Doom Metal Heaven website as having songs the “cleverly twist and swirl whilst rarely losing their beard-trembling momentum…and a droning psychedelic undercurrent that takes your mind to far-flung corners of the galaxy.” The gig is organized by HexenHaus Productions. Support is from Galway doom metallersWeed Priest and Drogheda dark ambient project Oh Daith. Doors open 8:30pm. Admission is €4. Galway Advertiser