Walpurgis Night IV unleash the metal

WALPURGIS NIGHT was a May Day’s eve festival when witches met and held revels with their gods to stir up trouble before the spring came. Sounds like a good night to hold a metal gig.

The fourth annual music fest Walpurgis Night this year will be held at The Loft (formerly Kelly’s upstairs ) on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3 from 5pm, featuring Irish doom metal, sludge, and trash metal bands, as well as hard rock, heavy blues, and punk acts. Headliners will be Dublin’s Wizards Of Firetop Mountain, whose music fuses hard rock and stoner rock.
Also playing are fellow Dubliners Electric Taurus, who play old school heavy blues mixed with more modern stoner rock/grunge, and doom metal.

The line up is completed by a third Dublin act, Nautilus, Tipperary doom metallers Brigantia; thrash metal band Twisted Wrath; Negativ Result, whose sound is a kind of groovier Machine Head like thrash, Connemara sludge metal band Ten Ton Slug; and punk/hardcore bands Psychopigs and Kamikaze.
The event is organised by HexenHaus Productions. Admission is €5.Galway Advertiser

Weed Priest and Astralnaut w/ Special Guest to launch Split Single in Galway

Split Single CD containing two songs from the nastiest heaviest stoner doom on this Isle was spawned into existence when Galway’s WEED PRIEST joined forces with Armagh’s ASTRALNAUT. Support on the night supplied by very special guests – Tipperary’s legendary doom heavyweights BRIGANTIA! 28th of March 2015, Galway

ASTRALNAUT – stoner astrometal / Armagh doom here

WEED PRIEST– occult stonerdoom / Galway doom here

BRIGANTIA – doom metal / Tipperary doom here

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LECHEROUS GAZE (USA) Monday 13th of October @Cellar

“If a biker gang from some mid-’70s exploitation epic set up a clubhouse next to your house, Lecherous Gaze sound like what would be blaring out of their stereo at 3 A.M.: loud, fast, greasy, full of swagger and implied violence, and ready to kick butt in pursuit of booze, women, and dangerous good times.”

(M.Deming @ AllMusic.com)
13th of October, The Cellar Bar, Galway!
Lecherous Gaze (USA) support from:
The Flayers
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Weed Priest’s EP “Worship” is out now!

New EP “Worship” – spawned on the shores of the West of Ireland by stoner doom clerics Weed Priest: 3 songs channeled in secret locations on mystic dates trough the years 2010-2013, Weed Priest’s tribute to the gods of doom! The EP “Worship” was recorded with former drummer Adrian (not the current line-up). 6-Panel-CD-DigiPak In No Clean Singing reviewers words:

“Worship is a retro-as-hell sounding disc, as if it were crafted as a worship ritual for the early seeds of doom, the occult, and stoner rock that were planted in the early 70′s. It sounds like it was recorded after a massive Sabbath binge, and it stands as an all-too-brief preview of what could be a really good run from a band with only two other releases to their name, if they stay on the course where Worship is pointing”.

More reviews: here/here/here/here

Walpurgis Night III

Black Capricorn

Thanks to all witches and warlocks who took part in this glorious unholy night! 8 monster acts: Black Capricorn, Between The Lines, Nautilus, On Pain of Death, Na Cruithne, Pilgrimage, Ten Ton Slug, Weed Priest!
Congratulations to the winners of tattoo, piercing and portrait vouchers.
Special thanks to MellowDaze Galway, Galway Bay Tattoo, Victor Tattoo, Sonic Room Galway, Cranium Titanium, Online Music Tree, Flirt FM 101.3, Cellar Galway – you all made this possible.
More pics here